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grow your business and Online Presence

Biz Development. Systems.

Having brilliant ideas but not being able to convert them into a plan of action and generate revenue is something that many Entrepreneurs struggle with. In fact, about 51% of small business owners fail within the first five years of entrepreneurship.

What is Ready 2 Connect?

3 month Coaching

for entrepreneurs, Content Creators, and Hustlers ready to take their businesses to the next level.


Intense coaching program to help build your business online. Includes improving your social media presence, branding, Finding your target audience and helping build your systems.


Pinpoint your ideal client and clarify your offer. Understand your audience so you can create products, services, and offers your clients want to buy.

Business Development

Turn your long-term vision into shorter goals that will move you further, faster. Get laser-focused with a coach helping you prioritize what will truly move the needle in your business.

    100+ Students

    Who is Ready 2 Connect Right For?

    Ready 2 Connect is for entrepreneurs ready to 2X-10X their income without piling on more underpaying clients and running themselves into the ground.

    If you’re an entrepreneur who has business ideas, struggles with procrastinating with content, and cannot get things done in your business, Ready 2 Connect is for you!!

    The Model

    1. Create An Effective Content Strategy

    2. Build a personal brand that stands out

    3. Position your brand as an authority

    4. Attract Clients Who Gladly Pay Your Prices!

    What's Included in Ready 2 Connect?


    Get Access To My Library

    Of Resources To Grow Your Business, Your Social Media, And Your Life!

    You Must Trust The Process!!

    Start Where You Are

    Everything starts with diagnosing our strengths and weaknesses properly. A business that invests in its development will always succeed. Establishing our position in the market and being transparent are key.


    Connection with your ideal audience plays a vital role in selling to prospected buyers. It's all about selling people what they want, not what you want them to buy. Authentic connections help.

    Data Not Emotion

    Every dollar and every process must be documented. It is impossible to improve things that are not measured. The Data and information gathered plays a vital role in biz growth.


    Not being able to delegate time-consuming tasks is usually the fastest way to burnout. Automated systems will reduce repetitive tasks by passing them on to virtual assistants.

    Get Access To My Library Of Resources

    $399.99 PER MONTH

    (3 Months)


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