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Our #1 goal is to help you grow and flourish as an online entrepreneur. How? With content ideas that are already going viral. Easy-to-post video ideas, Popular  Hashtags. Trending quotes and a wealth of knowledge on how to grow your accounts. 


Most frequently asked questions

We have a special price for memberships during the Beta version stage.

Because we are in the early stages, we can only accept a limited number of subscribers.

The current price per monthly subscription will start at $7.99. (We’ll keep you well informed of price changes.)

Dotcom Kings Platform (Getty Trends) is a platform for finding viral videos in your niche, adopting those content strategies, and making money online through content creation and marketing your service-based business.

Included is Content library, Hashtag strategies, Posting Strategies,  Content creation strategies, Target Audience, Competitor Analysis, and Marketing Strategies.

It depends on your goals. Some people use these strategies to grow their businesses and some use them to grow their accounts for influencers. Every situation is different. 

It all depends on how you would like to earn money online. For some businesses, having a website or landing page is in the best interest.

Usually, a phone with an internet connection would suffice.

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